The Mill Loaf

This is what a loaf weighting 1.8kgs looks like.

I was given a 1.5 proofing basket over Christmas and had been waiting on an opportunity to try it out. It barely fitted the tray but baked nicely and came out pretty tasty… we ate it all in about 4 days…



Another one from Dan Lepard’s “The Handmade loaf”, this is a tasty sourdough with a bit of a more closed crumb with the addition of wholemeal and rye flours. Below the ingredients I used.


500g rye sourdough starter (50%)
550g water (55%)
700g white strong flour (70%)
300g Wholemeal flour (30%)
20g salt (2%)


I followed Dan’s kneading technique bordering on no-kneading: 3 times 10mins rest followed by 10 secs kneading but then left it overnight in the fridge and shaped the next morning.