Three loaves

As a sandwich bread I still find the square loaf quite the go to shape: easy to fill and to carry, it’s a safe bet for our lunches. We were very low on these so I set about making a few: Malted loaf, Barley loaf and Multigrain loaf.

The Malted one followed the recipe from the wholemeal loaf I already talked about here, but using only malted flour.


The Barley loaf I adapted from Elizabeth David’s English bread and Yeast Cookery and was very,very tasty!

The method was the same as with the Malted loaf, the ingredients I used were:

340g white strong flour (59%)
120g wholemeal flour (20.5%)
120g barley flour (20.5%)
3 tbsp buttermilk/cream/creamy milk – I used buttermilk (5%)
15g fresh yeast / 7g active yeast (2.5 – 1.2%)
10g salt (1.7%)
340-360g water (59-62%)

The final loaf was a Multigrain Loaf from The Bread Baker’s Apprentice by Peter Reinhart. His book is brilliant but there’s something with the amount of sugar in quite a few of the breads that puts me a bit off. This loaf came out quite tasty, with a very caramelized crumb that just asks for butter to be spread on it. It’s got rice, polenta, wheat germ and quite a few other grains in it and was quite fun to make!