Potato bread – First World War bread experiments

Come Summer of 2018, Nick and I will be in Spurn Point for 6 weeks, for a joint Residency.

Nick will be doing art work inspired by the natural landscape and wildlifes of Spurn and the point’s role in the defence of the Humber during WW1, whilst I will be doing some WW1 bread demos as part of the YWT programme to celebrate the centenary of the end of the war.

This first attempt was for a dough incorporating mash potatoes. I decided to mash them through a thin sieve and added it to a mix of wholemeal and white wheat flours, to replicate the 92% extraction that was the norm by 1918. The resulting loave was pretty tasty although not particularly nice to look at.

The recipe used translated as follows:

Stoneground Wholemeal flour – 90%
White wheat flour – 10%
Water – 70%
Fresh yeast – 1%
Salt – 1.5%