Oatmeal bread – First World War bread experiments

Another recipe from the WWI period, this time from The Great War Cook Book by May Byron.

Trying to replicate in some way the Government Regulated flour from the time, for this recipe was used a mix of strong wholemeal wheat with strong white wheat flours, potato flour and corn flour. The ratios of corn and potato flour are a guess and as far as I know at the time they could have been diluting the wheat with other flours in a much larger percentage. Unfortunately so far I have not found any resource that gives the ratio of alternative flours that millers were allowed to add to the wheat.  The oats used were rolled, so not quite oatmeal.

Rolled oats – 5.2%
Water -55.6%
Strong Stoneground Wholemeal Wheat flour – 70%
Strong White Wheat flour – 10%
White Corn flour – 10%
Potato flour – 10%
Salt – 1.8%
Fresh Yeast – 2.5%
Water – 43.4%
Sugar – 0.5%

This is a tricky recipe to give exact hydration for as it will vary depending on how much water is absorbed by the oats when cooking.