Malt Sourdough

Of late I find myself more often than not making up a formula as I go along – a quick raid to my bread cupboard, see what is running low, what flour needs finishing, what flavour or texture I am looking for that week and toss it all together.

I have made quite a few good loaves like this and the tricky bit is always replicating it! Even if I remember the formula, the process itself would have been whatever I managed to fit into what I was doing that day…

On Monday I decided to use some of that Malt Flour I had bought a few weeks ago. I then remembered I still have some Roasted Barley Malt (RBM) flour (an extremely dark non-diastatic roasted barley malt flour) that my friend Adam from The Hill Bakery gave me a few months back.

In all of these went, with some White Wheat flour, water, salt and my Rye starter.

The dough felt amazing to work with and the bread was absolutely delicious!