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Bakes for the 16th September below:

On offer for the 23rd of September:
Wholemeal sourdough – Rye flour, Wholemeal Wheat, salt, milk, water (order large or medium). Rice or Corn flour and Semolina used when shaping and baking
White sourdough – White Wheat, Rye flour, salt, water (order large or medium). Rice or Corn flour and Semolina used when shaping and baking
Oats Rye Sourdough– Scandinavian style made with Rye flour, Oats, Water, Salt  (medium only). Butter used in the tins.
Soda Bread – White and Wholemeal Wheat, Oats, Bicarb of Soda, Salt, Buttermilk, Golden syrup
Val’s loaf (£5, 600g loaf) – Buckwheat flour, Rye flour, Sunflower, Linseeds and Pumkins sweeds, Oats, Psylum Husk, Barley Malt syrup, water, salt. (Medium only)

Each week I’ll email a choice of bread and then bake to order. Your bread will then be delivered between 9 and 11 a.m. on Saturdays.

Don’t forget you can always ask us to leave your bread at Harbour Cycles to collect between 12-5:30pm, so if you rather collect from there just let me know. They are just a few metres away from Loughborough Station.

Please note that the bread delivery round can take up to 2h depending on how many orders we have so we can never specify an exact time to come to an address.

If you want to be on the email list please leave your contact details and any comments/food allergies in the form at the bottom of this page or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

We deliver around the SE5 area, drop me an email to check we can deliver to your address. 

You can sign up to our subscription scheme:

4 Medium Loaves – £10
4 Large Loaves – £12

The subscription is valid for 6 months and you can use it up as quickly or slowly as you want.

Or buy a one-off bake:

Medium loaf (400g – 600g) – £2.8
Large Loaf (800g – 1000g) – £3.5