What’s baking this week

Baking for collection on the 12th of December:

White sourdough £2.50
Carob sourdough £3.50
Cheddar & Chilli sourdough £3.80
50/50 spelt loaf (yeasted) – £3.40
Baguette – £1.50
100% Rye w/ sunflower & pumpkin seeds sourdough – £3.50
Rosemary focaccia – £3
Sundried tomato focaccia £3.50
Cardamom buns – £3 for 4 or £4.50 for 6

You can place your order following the link.

Good morning, *|FNAME|*
This week Carob sourdough is back. I first baked this bread two months ago and got some really good feedback from those who tried it. Wikipedia tells us that “(…) carob is a flowering evergreen tree or shrub in the legume family, Fabaceae. It is widely cultivated for its edible pods (…) The ripe, dried, and sometimes toasted pod is often ground into carob powder, which is sometimes used to replace cocoa powder. (…) Carob pods are naturally sweet, not bitter, and contain no theobromine or caffeine.” It also has a good number of health benefits associated with it.
Here I am using 10% of carob to the flour weight to give this bread a rich flavour – but with no sweetness added to it so don’t get carried away with the comparisons to chocolate!
There’s a lot more bakes and flavours to choose from so I hope you find something you like.

I’ll be sending a separate email with the link to the special bake day on the 21st of December over the next few days.  

P.S. – Pop-up at Westgate train station on Monday as usual.

Alexandra x

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