Golspie Loaf

Dan Lepard’s book “The handmade loaf” is one of my favourite sources for inspiration and guidance. I haven’t had a chance to try most ofContinue reading


I am far from having made the roll of my dreams, but they are fun to shape and bake so will keep going at them. HereContinue reading

Sourdough Bagels

I have always been terrified of making bagels. The idea of boiling something before baking it just seemed too complicated and grounds for disaster. OnContinue reading


This was a one off, so far. I had some extra baguette dough and decided to do something different with it. The result wasn’t quiteContinue reading

Soda Bread

This is a classic in our home as the go-to bread whenever we have a wintery soup or stew for dinner. Ready in just overContinue reading