The Crow’s Rest Bakehouse needs a new oven

Having run my microbakeryThe Crow’s Rest Bakehouse for 3 years, baking from domestic ovens, the time has come for me to grow the business and increase my capacity and product quality by upgrading to a semi-professional oven. In my current gas oven, I can bake just over 20 loaves and a few buns in over 6h. I am also very limited in the type of bakes I can do as the oven is not suited for a large range of different bakes.

My goal is to be able to produce four times as much bread and of higher quality in the same period of time, allowing me to bring my breads to the wider local community.

In Wakefield at present, there are no other bakeries producing this type of bread – using organic ingredients, following artisanal processes, adding that extra bit of time to ensure the most nutritious and tasty breads reach customers. I truly believe that good bread should be available to everyone and as part of my commitment to this ideal, I keep my white tin sourdough loaves at a fixed low price so that more people can access artisanal organic produce. 

In the past, I’ve had requests to supply businesses and to sell at local markets but I am unable to produce the required volumes due to my oven’s limitations. With your help I will be able to produce more bread, making it available to more people in my community by starting to sell at local markets. and taking on more direct customers. 

Slow-fermented bread made with organic flours have been shown to be more digestible even by people who have experienced discomfort when eating mass-produced loaves. 

Join me in this adventure, make good bread happen.

Why I am asking for your support:

I have been selling in Wakefield since October so I know there is interest in my products and I am confident that this is a sound growth step for my business.

I am looking to buy a Rofco B40, a semi-professional oven where I’ll be able to make 18 small loaves of bread in some 40 minutes. This oven is the most popular in small scale bakeries across the country and I know many successful bakers that work with it, so I know this is a sound choice. The oven costs £2160.

I also need to get the kitchen wired to run an electric oven. I’ve had a few electricians in for a quote and this will be around £200.

With the fees charged by the crowdfunding plaform this puts my goal at £2700.

If I try to do this on my own will take me some two years before I’ve saved enough to upgrade my oven. Over the last year I have saved a little money so I will be asking your help in raising the rest of it – £2200.