Dates live in Wakefield! Book your workshop or get in touch if you don’t see a course/date that suits!

Everyday bread and sweet treats Build up confidence in handling dough and making bread from home on this introduction to baking course. On the day you will bake a white loaf, a fougasse, bread rolls, soda bread and sweet buns (4h30, £75 per person)

Gluten Free Baking Baking with non-gluten flours can be challenging and this hands-on workshop has been designed to leave you with the confidence to make your own bakes and get loaves back onto your table. Bakes on the day include loaves, corn-bread & sweet bakes. (4h, £100 per person)

Intro to artisan bread – Sourdough and Baker’s yeast -demystifying and baking with Sourdough and commercial yeast techniques (4h30, £75 per person)

How to set up your own Microbakery and become a Bread Angel!
The course is 12h long and runs over two days. Full details here.

I also run workshops on:

Advanced Sourdough Baking – learn how to make a country loaf, baguettes, rye bread and bread rolls. All bakes on the day are made entirely following sourdough techniques with no commercial yeast (7 hours, £130 per person)
Wholegrain breads – Wholegrain flour is not only a lot more nutritious as it also packs a level of flavour that white flours can’t compete with. In this course you will learn to make great tasting 100% wholemeal loaves but also how to add and bake with wholegrains mixed with white wheat flour. (4h30, £75 per person).
Bagels (2h30, £45 per person)
Pizza Making (2h, £35 for 4 to 6 people, £25 for 7 and more) – perfect for Hen parties or corporate events!
Scones – sweet and savoury (2h30, £45 per person, minimum 2 people)

If you would like to discuss setting up a workshop for you and your friends, please get in touch (minimum 2 students). I offer Bakers Yeast, Sourdough & Gluten Free workshops and I am happy to tailor the recipes and workshop duration to your preferences.